A downloadable game for Windows

Quick paced action packed game!

"Give the best gift you can, the sweet release of death - to the dead!"

Play a 2d rougelike game now! Quick paced and fun to play! Simple controls allow you to pick up and play!


  • Customize characters
    • Customize everything about your character
  • Leveling
    • Earn XP by killing enemies
    • Enemies gain more health as you level up
  • GOLD
    • Collect gold from the dungeon by finding it on the floor or in pots or by killing enemies
  • Random dungeons
    • Random dungeon textures too so you don't get bored!

Install instructions

The zip contains the game EXE and the required DLLs, just launch the EXE and the game will boot up!


rougelike-engineersmith-win64.zip 26 MB

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